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Consumer standards consultation

Consumer standards consultation

Have your say in a national social housing consultation
The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) would like customers’ views on its revised Consumer Standards and Code of Practice.

The standards are like rules that all social housing landlords, like us, have to follow when we rent homes to customers. 

Here at 54North Homes, ensuring our customers can shape our services and have their say on social housing in general is really important to us. We’d really encourage customers to take part to make sure the standards reflect the things that are important to them.

To help to explain what the standards mean for our customers, we’ve put together some questions and answers below. You’ll also find a link below to the consultation, too.

Who is the regulator?
The RSH is the Government body that oversees the work of social housing providers like 54North Homes. Their job is to ensure that we meet required finance and governance standards, as well as delivering good services to our customers.

Why are these standards being introduced?
The RSH has been given new powers to help improve the quality of housing and services in a way that lasts. To help make this happen, these new standards set expectations that all social housing providers need to meet.

These standards are set to improve and replace five existing consumer standards.

What are the Consumer Standards?
The proposed new standards reflect themes that are already high on our agenda and those of other social landlords. They are designed to:

  • Protect customers by strengthening the safety requirements that all social landlords need to meet.
  • Require landlords to know more about the condition of their customers’ homes and the individual needs of the people living in them – landlords will need to use this evidence to provide safe and decent homes with good-quality landlord services.
  • Make sure landlords listen to customers’ complaints and respond quickly when they need to put things right.
  • Require landlords to be open and accountable to their customers and treat them with fairness and respect.

Who can take part in the consultation?
The RSH want to hear from housing providers, customers and anyone else with an interest in social housing to ensure that the standards are up to date and help to shape the future of the sector.

How do I take part?
You can read more and complete the consultation survey on the Government’s website here: Revised Consumer Standards consultation.

When does the consultation run until?
The consultation is open until 17 October 2023, and the revised standards are expected to be introduced in April 2024.