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Changes to customers' rents

Rent and service charges are reviewed each year, and we’ve recently written to customers to explain the changes from 1 April 2024. We’ve also put together the following questions and answers to help with any queries you may have.  

How do we set our rent? 

We set our rent in line with government policy and guidelines from the Regulator of Social Housing 

Like other social housing providers, we’ll be increasing our rents by Consumer Price Index (CPI) +1 for most customers. The CPI is one of the UK’s main measures of inflation – it measures changes in the price of goods, like food, fuel, gas and electricity.  

Why are we increasing rents? 

It’s always a very difficult decision to increase our rents and not one we take lightly.  

As a not for profit organisation, all rental income is reinvested back into homes and services.  

The rent increase enables us to continue to provide high levels of service and investment in our homes, ensuring they continue to be well-maintained, healthy and safe. It also means we can build more much-needed affordable homes and continue to ensure we meet national environmental sustainability targets. 

Are service charges increasing?  

If customers pay a service charge, the letter we’ve sent to also details these costs. Where customers are seeing an increase, this is mainly to allow for increased fire safety measures and utility costs as well as National Living Wage increases which are outside of our control.   

If you receive Universal Credit:

On 1st April Universal Credit (UC) will automatically add a ‘To-do’ to your journal to update your housing costs. Please do this promptly on 1st April as your UC will not be increased until you do it and they do not backdate payments.

If you receive Housing Benefit direct to yourself:

You will need to contact your local council benefits team about the rent increase.

If you pay us by Direct Debit:

You don’t need to do anything. The amount will be automatically changed. Please check your statement.

If you pay by any other method (such as online banking, your My54North account, standing order or Allpay Payment Card):

You will need to change the amount yourself. Please make sure this is done in time for 1st April, when your new rent is due. Better still, why not set up a direct debit now? It’s very easy to do, just click on this link.

What support is available?  

We very much appreciate that some of our customers may be struggling, especially with the cost of living, and we’re here to help if you need us. 

Our Income Officers and Money Matters team offer a personalised and confidential advice service to help with all things money-related such as: 

  • Claiming the right benefits and maximising income
  • Dealing with problem debt and making realistic spending plans
  • Advice on sickness and disability benefits (including for carers)
  • Searching for grants and discretionary funds tailored to the customer’s circumstances
  • Advice on paying for energy bills, switching advice and support with energy debt

We have explained more about this year's rent review, the support we can provide and any steps you need to take in this Customer Leaflet