Improving our service to customers

At 54North Homes we are committed to continuously improving our service to customers. Openness and transparency are at the forefront of everything we do and we closely monitor our customer satisfaction, feedback and other key performance measures.

As a new organisation, we are currently developing our approach to reporting this information and will be publishing 54North Homes' performance and satisfaction data on this website soon. 

At 54North Homes we want to be open, honest and transparent about everything we do

Everyone is welcome at 54North Homes. We aim to treat all of our customers, colleagues and partners fairly, regardless of their background.

We recognise the value that diversity brings to our communities and our approach is not about treating people the same; it is about adapting our services to meet the specific needs of the individuals and communities we work with.

We have a responsibility to help protect the environment for future generations

Sustainability cuts through the core of everything we do. From building new homes with air source heat pumps, to recycling our rubbish, we consider the environmental impact of everything we do.

Decarbonisation is one of the biggest challenges facing our generation and 54North Homes is firmly committed to delivering both energy efficient new homes which don't rely on fossil fuels and to retrofitting our existing homes so that they are as energy efficient to run as possible.  Over the last year we have commissioned a carbon baseline study to understand our current emissions, both in terms of the homes we manage and our business operations, and developed a road map for how we can meet the government's net zero targets by 2050.

Retrofitting is simply the process of making changes to existing homes and buildings so that energy consumption and emissions are reduced. It should also create savings in your energy bills and help create a healthier home.

Sustainability reporting

We recognise the social value that a good home can deliver and believe in supporting our customers to 'live well' in thriving communities not just now but in the long term.

As a new organisation, 54North Homes is yet to publish its first sustainability report. However, you can view a copy of the previous sustainability reports produced by Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association below. These set out how we operate sustainably and aim to be socially responsible in everything we do.


We aim to deliver a positive customer experience and we encourage feedback from customers about our service so that we can learn and improve. 

If you receive a poor service then please tell us about it so we have the opportunity to put things right. We greatly appreciate your time and view any feedback as an opportunity to improve our services.

If you have any complaints, compliments or feedback for us, please contact us first. We’re always listening and ready to work hard to resolve your concerns straight away. If we are unable to resolve the problem there and then we will undertake a full investigation to understand the facts and get back to you.