Recite Me


We want our website to be easy to use for everyone to use so when we designed our website we made every effort to take our users’ diverse needs into consideration.

You'll notice our 'Recite Me' accessibility toolbar throughout our website, just click the ‘me’ speech bubble icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to launch. This lets you edit the accessibility and language options of our website in a way that works for you. See our guides and FAQs below for how to use the toolbar.

Maintaining an accessible website is an ongoing process and we are always trying to improve and offer the best user experience that we can. But we know that we aren't perfect. If you have any issues or spot something that is not right, please let us know by emailing or calling us on Tel: 0345 521 1993.  

We're also adding plain text versions of key communications we publish, including our Annual Report to Customers.

Accessibility toolbar FAQs

To Launch the Recite Me Web accessibility toolbar you will need to click on the Recite Me button (the ‘me’ speech bubble icon in the bottom right corner of your screen). This will then launch the toolbar, which will appear at the top of the page.

If you have the Recite Me toolbar open on our webpage, any pdfs you then open from us in your browser will also have the Recite Me toolbar.

When you open or download a file from our website it should automatically open in your web browser. If your pdf files don't automatically open in your browser you can change this on your browser settings. Doing this will mean you can continue to use the accessibility toolbar when viewings pdf files from our website.

For Chrome browser follow these steps:

1. In your Chrome settings search "site settings"

2. Scroll down and click on "Additional Content Settings"

3. Click PDF documents

4. Disable the setting labelled "download pdf files instead of automatically opening them in chrome"

For Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer:

1. Launch the Edge browser and click on the three-dot at the top. Choose Settings. An easy of opening settings is by going to edge://settings/ in your browser.

2. Click on Site permissions on the left side. Scroll down on the right side and click on PDF documents

3. Disable the toggle next to ‘Always open PDF files externally' or  'Always download pdf files'.


To change the language of the website that you are viewing you need to select the button marked "Languages". This will then produce a drop-down list of all the languages that Recite Me offers translation to.

Find the language that you want from the list and press on it, the site will then be converted to that language.