Our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion

By recognising and meeting people’s needs, valuing differences and providing opportunities to participate we are well on our way to achieving our aim of providing people with a strong foundation for life.

This includes not only our customers who live in our homes but also our colleagues who every day go out their way to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Valuing diversity brings new perspectives, allows us to reach the widest pool of talent and ensures we understand and reflect the perspectives of our customers. We believe we can only be our best when we can be ourselves.

Our inclusive recruitment process

We aim to provide an inclusive recruitment process and actively welcome applications from diverse talent pools. 54North Homes is committed to equality of opportunity in employment for all its colleagues and to developing work practices and policies that support colleagues to achieve a work-life balance. 

We strive to be an Employer of Choice, by offering a desirable working environment with a professional approach, supported by attractive terms and conditions. We embrace the different perspectives that each of us bring. We want our staff to be authentic and bring their whole selves to work. We want 54North Homes to be a workplace that truly reflects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our customers where everyone is appreciated - regardless of race, gender, age, religion, identity and experience. 

Neurodiversity support

We believe that everyone has unique strengths and skills to contribute to our workplace. We strive to create an environment that is inclusive and accessible for all. As neurodiversity is broad and unique to candidates, we are rethinking the selection process and removing barriers to allow candidates to fully showcase their true abilities and potential.

Reasonable adjustments we can consider:

  • Questions in advance of the interview
  • Specific and concrete questions rather than hypothetical questions
  • Adjustments to the physical working environment e.g. tests and interviews to take place in a venue with low sensory stimulus
  • Accepting video/recorded CVs where requested
  • Recording videos that describe the role and responsibilities - use of visual aids/process maps for processes
  • Extra time for tests/assessments
  • Mentors and/or buddies during the induction process

Our colleagues have access to neurodiversity support which helps colleagues who are experiencing challenges at work or are curious to know whether they could have a neurodivergent condition. We work with a neurodiverity specialist who undertakes a screening assessment and provides the colleague and their line manager with a workplace needs assessment.

We are also always keen to learn from our colleagues and make changes to how we work in response to their feedback in order to create a supportive and inclusive working environment.