Renting with 54North Homes: your questions answered

We've pulled together the most common questions we are asked when you rent a home from us.

We hope you find these useful. If there is anything else you would like to know, please just ask.


Your rent is due either weekly or on the 1st of every month, as stated in your tenancy agreement. Please note, your rent must be paid in advance and your rent account must remain free of arrears.

We've made it as simple as possible for you to pay your rent. Here are the best ways to do this: 

  • By Direct Debit  this is our preferred payment option. We can collect your payments weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly on any day that is convenient for you. Please contact our Customer Services team and we can set up a direct debit for you over the phone or complete this direct debit mandate online.

  • By debit card via your My54North account.

  • By calling our Customer Service team on Tel: 0345 521 1993.
    You'll just need your tenancy reference number.

  • By Allpay payment card - Simply take the card with you to your local post office or Paypoint Location and pay with cash or a debit card (please ask for a receipt for your payment as it can take up to seven days for the rent to be credited to your account).
    Click here to find your local PayPoint store.
    To request a new or replacement card, please contact our Customer service team.

We will confirm who your current energy suppliers are in your welcome information.


  • When you move into your home you must contact the existing electricity supplier to set up an account in your name and give them a meter reading.
  • To find out your electricity supplier, please visit or call 0845 330 0889.
  • If there is a token meter, the supplier will arrange for you to pick up a token key from the nearest pay point outlet to your new address.


  • If you have a gas supply, it will be capped off at the meter and will not work.
    Please contact 54North Homes to get your gas uncapped.
  • Contact the existing gas supplier to set up an account in your name and give them your meter reading. You can find out your gas supplier at or call: 0870 608 1524.
  • If there is a Gas Card, the supplier will arrange for you to pick up a card from the nearest pay point outlet to your new address.
  • Want to change to a cheaper supplier?
    If you need help with your energy bills, you should speak to your existing supplier first of all as you may be able to switch to a better tariff. You could also visit a cost comparison website such as Money Supermarket or Go Compare for comparisons between different providers and tariffs.


If you want to make any alterations to your home please complete and submit this form or send the details of what you want to do to

Include as much information regarding the changes you would like to make as you can, and include your name and address and one of our surveyors will pick it up.

Please refer to your tenancy agreement as you may not be able to carry out some alterations.

Please do not carry out any works until you receive our permission.

If there is no bin at your home when you move in you will need to contact your local council and ask them to provide you with bin/s. 54North Homes does not supply bins, nor can we refund you the cost of buying them.

If you have any questions regarding your tenancy or any other housing related issues, your Housing Officer is the person to speak to in the first instance.

We will shortly be contacting all customers with details of who your Housing Officer is, as we have recently had some patch changes following the merger of our two previous organisations. If you would like to speak to them in the meantime, please Email: or call us on Tel: 0345 521 1993 and we will put you in touch.

You can also find out who your Housing Officer is by visiting our Customer Portal: My54North.

If you are a new customer, your Housing Officer will get in touch with you in the first month to make sure you are settling in (28 day visit). They will call you in advance to confirm this.

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