New affordable homes

We are committed to helping tackle the housing crisis in Yorkshire by building more affordable and desirable homes that people feel proud to live in.

Over the next three years we will deliver c.250 new homes across the region. 


Moving into your new build 54North Homes property is a really exciting time

We want to make sure you have everything you need to settle in.

You'll receive a Welcome Pack when you move in which will explain how everything works, but you can always contact us if you have any questions by Email: or Tel: 0345 521 1993.

If you have moved into a new-build property with 54North Homes, then any repairs required within the first twelve months are known as defects. If you have purchased a Shared Ownership property, you will then be responsible for the repairs and maintenance of your own property.

Defects are corrected by the developer of your new home, rather than being reported as a 'repair'. Then after the 12-month period is over, 54North Homes will then take over responsibility for any repairs needed to your home.

Please note, normal wear and tear of the property is not classed as a defect.

Please see our frequently asked questions below to find out more. 


What is a defect?

We hope to get everything right for you first time, but in the unlikely event that your home isn't up to scratch, you can report that defect to us. Just use the form below to report a defect or if you're unsure whether your home has a defect, you can enquire below.

  • No heating
  • No hot water
  • Taps wrong way around (cold instead of hot or vice versa)
  • Doors will not lock
  • Constant running water in the toilet pan
  • Radiators leaking
  • Missing roof tiles
  • Doors dropped and can’t be closed / hinges not correctly fitted
  • Drainage issues
  • External tap coming away from the wall
  • No water to toilets or taps
  • Cracks in wall tiles / holes in tiles
  • Electrical sockets not working
  • Leaks to ceilings
  • Loose paving stones
  • Holes in external guttering
  • Spotlight / downlights not fitted correctly
  • Electric cables / pipes visible
  • Storm damage
  • Shrinkage cracks under the size of £1 coin to walls, skirts ceilings, and under 4mm to staircases
  • Marks on walls that can be cleaned off with warm water and soap
  • Scratches on any window unless excessive
  • Low pressure to boiler usually this will have a F2 code on the boiler, the customer will need to re-pressurise the boiler themselves.
  • Blocked toilets due to toilet tissue/wipes. Toilet wipes should never be flushed down the toilet: if this is the cause of the blockage, then this could be rechargeable to the customer
  • Toilets damaged by something been dropped – this is misuse
  • Calls made to OHH for leaks that are caused by nails been hammered through the walls – customer will be charged
  • Snapped key
  • Small scratches on the front door
  • Water damage to work surfaces
  • Bulbs that need to be replaced
  • Bath seal that has deteriorated
  • Bath temperature - if under 48 degrees that can be reported. Customer will need to possibly check the temperature, we can’t increase above the regulation of 48 degrees. There is also an anti scold device fitted and again as a regulation we will not remove this
  • Nail pops
  • Fence that has become damaged due to adverse weather or not been maintained correctly
  • Loose toilet seat
  • Condensation on windows this is due to lack of ventilation, customers need to use trickle vents provided and extractor fan whilst running baths or having showers. See damp and mould advice
  • Radiators coming off walls, due to been taken off and then damage is caused
  • Moisture to loft space, this is normal lofts are generally a cold area they are there to ventilate the home, customer should not be using for boarding out or excessive storage
  • Turf that is dead, and not correctly maintained by the customer or has stones
  • Efflorescence on brickwork – this is a build-up of natural salt in the brick (it can be white /grey in colour)
  • Fine cracks in cement floor / bubbles in cement floor (kitchen)


Defect repairs reported when there is no warranty, should not be reported to the contractor, this will need to be reported as a repair if the customer is renting etc.

Any issue that has been repaired by a third party. This can affect the warranty and we will not guarantee their work.

Defects must be reported within the defects liability period (first 12 months after completion of sale to 54North Homes). After this time the contractor may not be liable to remedy any problems. 

There are three categories of defects and the time to fix them depends on which category they fall into. (Please note that these timescales can vary depending on the developer):

  • Category 1 defects are the most severe and can include loss of heat, power, hot water, or a burst pipe. These will be remedied within 24 hours of notification. 
  • Category 2 defects can include faults with the electric system, faulty doors, faulty heating system. These will be remedied within 5 working days of notification. 
  • Category 3 defects can include easing of doors and windows, fencing, paths and driveways. These will be remedied within 28 working days of notification.

We would advise you not to decorate during the first 12 months. If shrinkage cracks do occur and the contractor is required to make good, the decoration will only be re-instated to the original specification. 

Report a defect for your new build home

Simply fill in the form below to report a defect or ask a question. Or you can email or call us on 0345 521 1993.

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