Fly tipping

Fly tipping is illegal. It costs 54North Homes in excess of £40,000 per year to remove and dispose of fly tipped waste on our land. We recognise that it is not only customers but other local people and we work closely with local council teams to identify and prosecute those who do it. However, we can only work on the information we have. If you see anyone fly tipping, please contact us to report it straight away. 

  • Fly tippers can be fined up to £50,000 and jailed for up to 1 year

  • Our service standard is to remove non-hazardous fly tipping within five working days

Let’s work together to combat fly tipping!

If you have bulky items that you need to dispose of you should take them to your nearest recycling centre is. To find out where that is, please visit the waste and recycling section of your local council's website. You can also us these links to check your bin collection dates.

East Riding
North Yorkshire

You can also donate unwanted items to charity and many charities will collect larger, re-usable items from your home for free. 




• It is illegal to graffiti on any public building
• Offenders can be fined up to £5,000 under the Criminal Damage Act 1971
• 54North Homes does not tolerate graffiti and removing it can be a costly process
• We have a zero tolerance approach to racist or offensive graffiti of any kind and will seek to take action against anyone to be found to be doing this
• Our service standard is to remove non offensive graffiti within five working days, and to remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours of being notified

Please contact us to report graffiti in your area.