Fire safety advice

Customer safety is our top priority and we have a robust fire safety and inspection process in place.
If you live in a home where there is a shared internal communal area, such as an entrance lobby or stairway, we will have written to you in January 2023 to tell you what the evacuation procedure is for your home: whether to ‘Stay Put’ or ‘Evacuate’ and how to call the Fire Service in the event of a fire.
Please familiarise yourself with the exit routes for your home.

Fire Action Notices are also displayed in corridors and stairways.
We are required to carry out regular fire safety checks in your home and communal areas, making sure that Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) are up to date, there are appropriate smoke detectors and fire alarms, fire doors and other fire safety measures. Working alongside the Fire Service, we also regularly review any fire risks and the procedures for preventing and reporting fires.
If you have any concerns about fire safety in your flat or block or would like to request another copy of the letter we sent you, please email us at or call us on Tel:0345 521 1993.

Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs)

You can request a copy of the Fire Risk Assessment for your building by emailing