We aim to react as quickly as we can if you have an emergency repair.

Nothing is more important than you and your family’s safety.

An emergency repair is something that poses an immediate risk to your health, safety, or security.

That’s why these repairs will always be looked at first over others. You can find out more about what constitutes and emergency repair and our processes in our Repairs Handbook.

Smell gas?

Call the National Grid emergency line on 0800 111 999

Or visit National Grid Gas.

If you have any symptoms of nausea or a headache, please seek immediate medical attention.

If there’s been a power cut

Call Northern Powergrid on 0800 668877

Or call their 24-hour emergency line on 105. 

Frequently asked questions

We class the following as emergency repairs:

  • A total loss of electricity, water or gas 
    Please check with your supplier and/or neighbours in the first instance for any service failures in area, then check that stop taps and switches are on and that your token meter is check credit (if you have one)
  • Your heating breaks down in winter or a member of your household is elderly, disabled, chronically sick or you have young children
  • A serious plumbing or gas leak
  • An unsafe electrical fitting – water ingress, smell, sign of burning or exposed wiring
  • A serious roof leak or major structural failure
  • You only have one toilet, and you can’t use it
  • A smoke or Carbon Monoxide alarm is sounding within an individual dwelling or communal area
  • A front or back door or ground floor window is insecure
  • You have a tap that is turned fully on and cannot be turned off
  • You are locked out of your home
  • External communal doors will not open or close
  • You have no power for medical equipment e.g. stairlifts, hoists.
  • A communal passenger lift is not working
  • You have a loose or detached banister or handrail to staircase


We understand that you’ll want to have your emergency repair fixed as quickly as possible.

We’ll aim to have someone out to your home within 24 hours.

If for some reason it can not be fixed at this time, we’ll explain why this is and talk through the options that are available.


If your home has a serious water leak or a gas leak, evacuate your home straight away.

If you feel like there’s an immediate risk to your own or someone else’s safety, you should also call 999.

If it’s safe to stay in your home, wait until one of our repairs colleagues arrives. They’ll be with you as soon as they can.

Bear in mind, if weather are conditions are poor, it may take them a little longer as their safety is also important.