Money doesn’t have to be mystifying

We can help you get on top of your finances

If you are experiencing money struggles, please don't suffer in silence.

Our team of Income Officers and our Money Matters Caseworker are experienced in listening, not judging. They can provide free and confidential financial guidance and signposting to make your life easier.  

Your adviser will:

  • Help you get to the bottom of your finances  
  • Look for ways to increase your income and reduce your outgoings  
  • Explain the options you have and how they affect you  
  • Keep you informed about any action we take and the progress of your enquiry 

The records we keep are for our eyes only

We keep your enquiry confidential and we don’t pass on any information externally without your permission

If we need to make a referral outside of 54North Homes or to discuss your case with a third party, we won't do this without discussing it with you first and gaining your consent.