The following list sets out the government benefits and support you may be entitled to (and many you already receive). If you have any questions or require more information, please call us and ask to speak to your Income Officer.

Cost of living payments for people on low income benefits and tax credits - Please see the Government webpage which outlines what you can expect to receive depending on which benefits you are in receipt of. Payments are made in the same way that you receive your benefits. 

Household Support Payment - This funding is sent to your local authority to provide support where needed locally. Further information can be found on your local council website: 
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council 
Leeds City Council 
North Yorkshire County Council 
East Riding County Council
York City Council

Information about other support provided by the Government can be found here

Council Tax Support (help with your council tax payments)
If you are currently claiming Housing Benefit through your local authority, you should be entitled to receive Council Tax Support.
Likewise, if you have switched to or are claiming Universal Credit, or you are on a low income, you may still be entitled to Council Tax Support, but you will have to claim it separately.
Each local authority has a different system for entitlement to Council Tax Support - see the relevant links below.
Leeds Council Tax Support 
North Yorkshire Council Tax Support
Barnsley Council Tax Support
York Council Tax Support
East Riding Council Tax Support

Government support with energy bills
You may also qualify for government support with your fuel bills via the Warm Home Discount Scheme or Cold Weather Payment (if you receive certain benefits), or the Winter Fuel Payment (if you are of pension age). For details of all these benefits, please visit:

Are you entitled to Universal Credit?
We regularly speak to customers who are surprised to find that they are entitled to Universal Credit even though they are working full time. 

If you are currently claiming any housing benefit, tax credits, JSA, ESA, or Income Support, please speak to a benefit advisor (such as Help to Claim) before making a Univeral Credit claim as your other benefits will stop and you could be worse off. 

If you are not currently claiming these benefits, you can check your entitlement to Universal Credit using a benefit calculator such as Entitledto or Turn2Us